Holistic Energy Healing

Bruce W Conley,  Energy Healer
& Spiritual Guide and Warrior

Other Holistic Practitioners

  • Fortune Acupuncture & Herb Clinic
    Committed to providing the most credible and proven acupuncture and herb clinic applications to its patients.
  • Lawton Chiropratic
    Chiropractic care delivered using state of the art, low force techniques, utilizing the Arthro-Stim and Integrator instruments.
  • The Grape Seed
    Acupuncture, Naturopathic Counseling, Far Infrared Sauna Therapy, Ion Foot Cleanse, Moor Peat Mud Packs, Ear Coning, Supplement Shoppe Inside the Clinic

    Know a good holistic practitioner, please let us know and they can be added to our ever growing list of holistic and spiritual practitioners.

Holistic & Spiritual Organizations

  • Full Spectrum Center
    Contemporary, innovative, and accelerated path to healing and self-transformation for those pursuing a spiritually awakened life.
  • Sacred Journey Vessels
    Create vibrant, exciting colors and designs with the focus on celebrating the departed loved one's life, and offering a beautiful work of art to cherish along with those memories.
  • Heart of Pittsburgh
    Local Holistic Practitioner Directory and Events.

  • Do you know of any organizations or companies who are holistic or spiritual in intent? Please have them contact us to have them included on our links page.


The links on this page are for other holistic and spiritual approaches to a better spiritual life. If you have or know of a holistic or spiritual practitioner, organization or company that would be beneficial to our visitors, please have them send their information to us.

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