Holistic Energy Healing

Bruce W Conley,  Energy Healer
& Spiritual Guide and Warrior

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Energy Healing?
    Energy Healing treats your body, mind, and soul. You will attract positive events in your life, be more balanced and grounded, and feel more relaxed and at peace when you engage the body's natural ability to heal. Energy healing methodology focuses on using spiritual energy healing to connect the mind and soul. Work with—not against—the body's natural ability to heal. Get in touch with the energy flowing through the body (the chi) and use the mind to direct it. This approach can be used to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Energy Healing is a holistic approach through which the seeker is guided to a place of peace, bliss and joy through teaching and guidance from the healer and hands on approach to balance the energy centers of the body.

  • What causes imbalances?
    A person’s energy fields are called chakras. They are like centers of energy that when working properly, repel the negative energy that exists in our environment. When our energy body is not in good working condition, we develop blockages that interfere with our natural ability to heal. The blockages start to have an affect on the physical body and cause illness and disease to develop.

  • Who can benefit from Energy Healing?
    Individuals who want to feel better from physical or  mental impairments. Through Energy Healing, they become more balanced and grounded, they attract more positive events and people into their lives.

  • How long does it take?
    This varies by the goals and intentions of the seeker. If the seeker is open and desires true healing then many things are possible.

  • What happens during a session?
    There are two parts to every healing session. The first is the discovery  part where the seeker communicates to the healer what their intention is for that session. The healer offers guidance through learned experience to help the seeker. The second is the hands on energy work where the healer works with the physical/bodily structure and the energy fields (chakras). A session is usually finished with the seeker talking about their experience.

    For a free no obligation consultation and first healing session, please feel free to contact Bruce (724-432-3363).

Return Back

Ever watch a new infant baby and see how fascinated they are with everything around them. They might get startled by a sudden noise or motion but they return back to that blissful and joyous state. Through no fault of their own they learn many defensive states that help them to protect them from external forces such as an abusive parent, teacher or other caretaker. This abuse can come from a loving and nurturing guardian who is just overly protective and smothers them. Then when they reach adulthood they are now in an immature defensive state viewing the world around them. They are no longer in that blissful and joyous curiosity that they entered into this world.

Energy healing is one way to return back to that bliss and joy.