Holistic Energy Healing

Bruce W Conley,  Energy Healer
& Spiritual Guide and Warrior

bruce w conley - energy healing practitioner

Bruce's Background

Bruce has been working on his spirituality. From his early Roman Catholic studies as a boy and young man. He had yearned and longed for more, which propelled him in his spiritual journey. He has been attending since 2003 the Full Spectrum Center.

Part of his journey was to be transformed to an energy healer and on this path has become a spiritual guide and warrior. The planet and the inhabitants are in great turmoil and as a spiritual guide and warrior, Bruce is devoting the next part of his journey to spread love, joy, bliss and spirituality.

More to come...

About Me

Graduated from the Full Spectrum School of Healing and Self-Transformation now known as the Full Spectrum Center (FullSpectrumCtr.org) .

Bruce continues his spiritual training with Sangham Courses and post-graduate work at the Full Spectrum Center.